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Check out our instructional videos and tutorials on metabolomics and bioinformatics for metabolomic data analysis.

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About TMIC

TMIC is a network of leading metabolomics scientists in Canada. We offer cutting edge services for metabolomics analysis, including targeted/quantitative analyses, global metabolomic analyses, and bioinformatics support.

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Metabolomics and Life Sciences Series

    BioAlberta and TMIC introduces a four part series on Metabolomics and Life Sciences!

Metabolomics and Life Sciences Series

    This presentation will introduce attendees to the field of metabolomics and explain how metabolomics works, why it’s being used and what it can do. Dr. David Wishart, TMIC Co-director and Wishart Node Leader, will explain how Alberta has become a world leader in metabolomics and give a brief history of The Metabolomics Innovation Center (TMIC). TMIC is Canada’s national metabolomics facility and based right here in Alberta. A virtual tour of TMIC will be provided and examples will be given of how metabolomics is allowing discoveries to be translated into practice.

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Metabolomics and Precision Medicine

    Precision medicine is hot and Alberta aims to become a leader in this area. Following a brief summary of how metabolomics is playing a leading role in many areas of precision medicine, join the panel discussion on where and how metabolomics is already being used by Alberta companies in precision medicine applications.

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Metabolomics and Agri-Food

    The Agri-Food sector is one of Alberta’s leading economic drivers. Dr. David Wishart will explain how metabolomics is being used in many areas of agriculture, ranging from analyzing crops, to assessing soils, to quantifying beef cattle performance traits, to detecting disease. Metabolomics is also being used in food, nutrition and food safety analysis, and offers a powerful way to precisely identify and quantify nutrients, micronutrients and contaminants in foods and natural products. Learn how TMIC is leading the way toward both precision agriculture and precision nutrition.

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Metabolomics and the Environment

    Monitoring soil, water and air is becoming increasingly important as the human footprint on our planet grows. Dr David Wishart explains how metabolomics can be used to make environmental monitoring easier and comprehensive, and how metabolomics is used to track water contamination, assess soils and identify chemicals in the air.

    Find out how metabolomics is being widely used to identify and quantify herbicides, pesticides and other toxic compounds in our food, water and environment, and how TMIC is developing many cutting-edge techniques and resources for this area.

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An Introduction to Statistics for Metabolomics

This course, taught by Dr. David Wishart, gives you an introduction to statistics for metabolomics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about data types
  • Learn about distributions and significance
  • Learn about univariate statistics (t-tests and ANOVA)
  • Learn about correlation and clustering
  • Learn about multivariate statistics (PCA and PLS-DA) and ROC curves

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