Bile acids analysis (II)


Quantitation of 51 compounds in bile acids analysis I and 4 bile acid synthesis (above) and 16 bile acid sulfates and glucuronides in plasma/serum and urine in human and rodent plasma/serum, bile, tissues, cells, cecal content, brain, neurons, urine and feces by UPLC-(-)MRM/MS.



  • $400 (1st sample)
  • $120 for each additional sample


  • $800 (1st sample)
  • $300 for each additional sample

Minimum Volume

25 µL plasma/serum, 1 uL bile, 200 uL urine, 2x10(6) cells or 20 mg tissues

NameHMDB IDClass
12-Ketochenodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000400
12-Ketolithocholic acidHMDB0000328
3-Oxocholic acidHMDB0000502
6,7-Diketolithocholic acid
7-Ketodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000391
7-Ketolithocholic acidHMDB0000467
Allocholic acidHMDB0000505
Alloisolithocholic acid
Apocholic acid
Chenodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000518
Chenodeoxycholic acid 24-β-D-glucuronide
Chenodeoxycholic aicd-3-glucuronide
Cholic acidHMDB0000619
Cholic acid 3-sulfate
Dehydrocholic acid
Dehydrolithocholic acid
Deoxycholic acidHMDB0000626
Deoxycholic acid 3-sulfateHMDB0002504
Dioxolithocholic acid
Glycochenodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000637
Glycochenodeoxycholic acid 3-sulfateHMDB0002497
Glycocholic acidHMDB0000138
Glycocholic acid 3-sulfate
Glycodehydrocholic acid
Glycodeoxycholic AcidHMDB0000631
Glycodeoxycholic acid 3-sulfate
Glycohyocholic acid
Glycohyodeoxycholic acid
Glycolithocholic acidHMDB0000698
Glycolithocholic acid 3-sulfateHMDB0002639
Glycoursodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000708
Hyodeoxycholic acid
Isodeoxycholic acidHMDB0002536
Isolithocholic acidHMDB0000717
Lithocholic acidHMDB0000761
Lithocholic acid 3-sulfateHMDB0000907
Lithocholic acid-24-glucuronide
Lithocholic acid-3-glucuronideHMDB0002513
Murocholic acidHMDB0000811
Norcholic acid
Nordeoxycholic acid
Norursodeoxycholic acid
Tauro- β-muricholic acidHMDB0000932
Tauro-α-muricholic acid
Tauro-ω-muricholic acid
Taurochenodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000951
Taurochenodeoxycholic acid 3-sulfateHMDB0002486
Taurocholic AcidHMDB0000036
Taurodehydrocholic acid
Taurodeoxycholic AcidHMDB0000896
Taurodeoxycholic acid 3-sulfate
Taurohyocholic acid
Taurohyodeoxycholic acid
Taurolithocholic acidHMDB0000722
Taurolithocholic acid 3-sulfateHMDB0002580
Tauroursodeoxycholic AcidHMDB0000874
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid 3-sulfate
Ursocholic AcidHMDB0000917
Ursodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000946
α-Muricholic acidHMDB0000506
β-Muricholic acidHMDB0000415
λ-Muricholic acid (hyocholic acid)HMDB0000760
ω-Muricholic acidHMDB0000364
Deoxycholic acid - 24-glucuronide
Deoxycholic acid - 3-glucuronideHMDB0002596