Bile acids analysis (I)


Quantification of 51 unconjugated, taurine- and glycine-conjugated bile acids and 4 bile acid synthesis intermediates in human and rodent plasma/serum, bile, tissues, cells, cecal content, brain, neurons, urine and feces by UPLC-(-)MRM/MS.



  • $400 (1st sample)
  • $120 for each additional sample


  • $800 (1st sample)
  • $240 for each additional sample

Minimum Volume

25 µL plasma/serum, 1 uL bile, 200 uL urine, 2x10(6) cells or 20 mg tissues

NameHMDB IDClass
12-Ketochenodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000400
12-Ketolithocholic acidHMDB0000328
3-Oxocholic acidHMDB0000502
6,7-Diketolithocholic acid
7-Ketodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000391
7-Ketolithocholic acidHMDB0000467
Allocholic acidHMDB0000505
Alloisolithocholic acid
Apocholic acid
Chenodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000518
Cholic acidHMDB0000619
Dehydrocholic acid
Dehydrolithocholic acid
Deoxycholic acidHMDB0000626
Dioxolithocholic acid
Glycochenodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000637
Glycocholic acidHMDB0000138
Glycodehydrocholic acid
Glycodeoxycholic AcidHMDB0000631
Glycohyocholic acid
Glycohyodeoxycholic acid
Glycolithocholic acidHMDB0000698
Glycoursodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000708
Hyodeoxycholic acid
Isodeoxycholic acidHMDB0002536
Isolithocholic acidHMDB0000717
Lithocholic acidHMDB0000761
Murocholic acidHMDB0000811
Norcholic acid
Nordeoxycholic acid
Norursodeoxycholic acid
Tauro- β-muricholic acidHMDB0000932
Tauro-α-muricholic acid
Tauro-ω-muricholic acid
Taurochenodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000951
Taurocholic AcidHMDB0000036
Taurodehydrocholic acid
Taurodeoxycholic AcidHMDB0000896
Taurohyocholic acid
Taurohyodeoxycholic acid
Taurolithocholic acidHMDB0000722
Tauroursodeoxycholic AcidHMDB0000874
Ursocholic AcidHMDB0000917
Ursodeoxycholic acidHMDB0000946
α-Muricholic acidHMDB0000506
β-Muricholic acidHMDB0000415
λ-Muricholic acid (hyocholic acid)HMDB0000760
ω-Muricholic acidHMDB0000364
Glycoallocholic acid