Global lipidomics by UHPLC-QTOF-MS and MS/MS


This service aims at comprehensively and quantitatively exploring the whole lipidome without any prior information, providing a global view of a sample. It tries to detect, quantify and compare as many lipids as possible between samples without bias.

For this service work, we use a cutting-edge method to analyze the sample lipidome in both positive ion mode and negative ion mode. It typically detects and relatively quantifies more than 5,000 features for positive mode detection and more than 2,000 features for negative mode detection. We also provide MS/MS analysis for positive identification of the detected lipids. Approximately 1,000 lipids can be positively identified.

For the analysis, we will do sample preparation, lipid extraction, LC-MS analysis, data analysis, lipid ID, and statistical analysis (PCA, PLS-DA, Volcano plots). We will provide a summary of our analysis and statistical results. The lipids detected, positive or putative IDs, and their relative quantification data will be summarized in an Excel file, which can be used for further analysis such as uploading to MetaboAnalyst for more statistical analysis or pathway analysis.


  • $150 USD per sample (relative quantification)
  • $200 USD for UHPLC-QTOF-MS/MS per study (lipid identification)
  • The above price applies to sample size of =>24. If the sample number is less than 24, add 20% extra.
  • $75 USD per hour for additional data analysis beyond those included in the report
  • Academic/government: no overhead
  • Industry: add 30% university overhead

Minimum Volume

20-100 ┬ÁL or 1-5 mg lyophilized powder