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Research Hotel

Since 2011 TMIC has offered a "research hotel" for visiting scientists, students and PDFs. Office and bench space is provided as well as one-on-one mentoring for guests wishing to conduct their own experiments or those wanting to learn more about metabolomics. Research hotel visitors can stay for as little as a few days to as long as 1 year. They are expected to cover the costs of their living/travel expenses while visiting.

TMIC is looking forward to welcoming talented visiting researchers from all over the world again this year. Applications will be accepted from researchers seeking a chance to land one of the coveted spots at the Hotel. Applicants will be chosen based on the proposal they submit. The link to the online application form can be found below.

Online Application Form

Research Hotel Visitors

Rosa Vazquez Fresno
Manuela Rist
Paul Ryan
Helena Gibbons
David De Souza
Saravanan Dayalan
Karolina Sulek
Soenke Moehn
Mordechai Slae
Vanessa Neveu
Karen Machin
Tom OCallaghan
James Njunge
Albert Tsui
Amel Hamza
Margie Gruber
Fardin Ghobakhlou
Eoin Fahy
Ian Garber
Douglas Kiss
Petya Koleva
Adriana Z. Buzatto
Guanshi Zhang
Kasper Skov
Nicole Afacan
Walter Swardfager
Jennifer Davison
Silvia Mari
Mellisa Lorenzo
Claudia Valeria Cruz Saucedo
Baohong Wang
Liyan Liu
Weifeng Shen
Teng Liu
Sara Vaezafshar
Kenny Xu
Zhirong Liang
Cat Bannon
Natalie May
Aaron Abraham
Vi Dang
Beata Malgorzata Mickiewicz
Mickel Randolph Hiebert Giesbrecht
Katie Powell
Amir Alizad
Jonathan Magnan
Alberto Gil de la Fuente
Gabriele Rocchetti
Obrayan Gomez Gonzalez