Microbial Metabolite Assay


Accurate relative quantification of microbiome metabolites in comparative samples, including most known microbiota-related metabolites (short-chain fatty acids, middle-chain fatty acids, bile acids, aromatic amino acids and their metabolites, polyamines, neurotransmitters, nucleosides, benzoate metabolites, uremic metabolites, vitamins, etc.) and many other microbiota-host-related endogenous metabolites (organic acids, amines, phenols, amino acids, dipeptides, etc.).

Platform Strengths

• High-coverage of microbiome metabolites • Accurate relative quantification using isotopic-assisted LC-MS • Sample normalization based on total metabolite concentrations measured in all individual samples • Minimum requirement: just send us the unprocessed raw samples and we will do the rest • Detailed report on experiments, quality assurance and quality control, metabolite IDs, quantification results, and statistical analysis


Accurate relative quantification with isotope standards for all individual metabolites using differential chemical isotope labeling of samples and UPLC-High Resolution MS.

Metabolite Identification (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3)

Metabolite identification is based on Tier 1 criteria, including CIL Library based on accurate mass, RT and peak pairs.

Example Data

Tier 1

Statistical Analysis

Basic statistical analysis included.


$220/sample for 20 samples or more
$264/sample for 19 samples or less

$286/sample for 20 samples or more
$344/sample for 19 samples or less

Minimum Volume

Biofluids: 20-150 μL *Tissue and Fecal: 20-40 mg *Microbes: 20-60 mg *Other types: Please inquire