Global Lipidomics Profiling


This service aims at comprehensively and quantitatively exploring the whole lipidome without any prior information, providing a global view of a sample. This technology aims to detect, quantify and compare as many lipids as possible between samples and without bias.

We use a cutting-edge method to analyze the lipidome in both positive and negative ionization. It typically detects, identifies and relatively quantifies more than 5,000 lipids for positive ionization and more than 2,000 lipids for negative ionization. Deuterated internal lipid standards belonging to 15 different lipid classes are used for data normalization, providing accurate relative quantification. We also provide MS/MS analysis for the identification of the detected lipids. Approximately 1,000 lipids can be typically identified by MS/MS, while 3000 to 5000 lipids can be putatively identified by accurate mass-match.

TMIC provides all sample preparation, lipid extraction, LC-MS analysis, data analysis, lipid identification, data normalization and statistical analysis (PCA, PLS-DA, Volcano plots). We will provide a summary of our analysis and statistical results. The detected lipids, putative identifications (MS/MS spectral match or accurate mass match) and their relative quantification data will be summarized in an Excel file, which can be used for further analysis such as uploading to MetaboAnalyst for more statistical analysis or pathway analysis.

Platform Strengths

The incorporation of deuterated lipid standards allows for accurate, relative quantification for comparisons between samples. MS/MS provides high-confidence lipid identification.


Includes 15 deuterated internal standards to provide accurate, relative quantification of different lipid classes.

Metabolite Identification (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3)

Tier 1 - Identification requires mass error ≤5.0 mDa and MS/MS match score ≥500 when compared to published databases. Typically 150-900 lipids can be identified.

Tier 2 - Identification requires mass error ≤5.0 mDa, MS/MS match score ≥500 and isotope pattern match score (mSigma) ≤100 when compared to published databases. Typically 100-500 lipids can be identified.

Tier 3 - Putative identification based on MS data (i.e. m/z) matched to database hit. Typically 3000+ lipids can be identified.

Statistical Analysis



$203 per sample for 20 samples or more
$244 per sample for 19 samples or less
Plus a flat fee for lipid identification per project: $600
Plus a flat fee for sample handling per project: $200

Industry: add 30% overhead

Minimum Volume

  • Biofluids: 20-150 µL
  • Tissues: 5-70 mg (wet mass)

For a detail breakdown of our volume requirements: