High Throughput Global Metabolomics by MSI-CE-MS for Large-scale Epidemiological and Clinical Studies


This service aims at providing high throughput yet nontargeted metabolomic analyses that is optimal for large-scale epidemiological and clinical studies (n > 1000) with stringent quality control. The platform takes advantage of multiplexed separations based on multisegment injection-capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry (MSI-CE-MS) that is ideal for analysis of ionic metabolites from bio-banked samples, including small volumes (10-50 uL) of urine, serum/plasma, dried blood spot punches, stool/cecum, and various tissue (muscle, placenta etc.) specimens.

In most cases, sample preparation does not involve complicated sample handling/chemical derivatization, and up to four different MSI-CE-MS configurations can be performed to expand coverage to include polar/ionic metabolites, as well as non-polar/intact lipids, including nonesterified fatty acids and a wide range of drug metabolites. Exact metabolome coverage is dependent on the specimen type and criteria used for metabolite authentication. Unknown metabolites of clinical significance will also be identified when using high-resolution MS/MS and mobility mapping. We will provide a summary of our analysis and statistical results as a data matrix in Excel, including metabolite annotations, putative IDs, and their absolute quantification (if standards are available) or relative ion responses, which can be used for further analysis such as uploading to MetaboAnalyst for more statistical analysis or pathway analysis. Large-scale and longitudinal metabolomic studies by MSI-CE-MS benefit from a cost-effective platform with excellent inter-batch correction adjustments when relying on serial sample injections that include internal and external quality control samples in every run.

Platform Strengths

Ionic (polar/nonpolar) metabolites and drugs and their metabolites, high throughput, cost-effective, stringent quality control, and low volume/amount requirements. Accelerated data workflows for biomarker discovery for nontargeted metabolomics; optimal for large-scale and longitudinal studies, including nutritional epidemiology and clinical trials.


Discovery (relative quantitation) with quantification of target metabolites available upon request. Please inquire for more details.

Metabolite Identification (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3)

Tier 1

Metabolites are authenticated based on their characteristic accurate mass, MS/MS and relative migration time under + and - mode. Additionally, identity is confirmed by spiking with authentic standards (> 200 metabolites standards used for calibrants)

Example Data

Serum/Plasma - Tier 1- 75 metabolites; 22 fatty acids

Cord Blood - Tier 1 - 75 metabolites; 22 fatty acids

Dried Blood Spots - Tier 1- 75 metabolites; 22 fatty acids

Urine - Tier 1 - 300+ polar/ionic metabolites and drug metabolites

Sweat - Tier 1 - 60 metabolites

Muscle/Placenta - Tier 1 - 100 metabolites and fatty acids

Stool/Cecum - Tier 1 - 120 metabolites and fatty acids

Cell Culture - Tier 1 - 70 metabolites

Protein (HSA) Extracts - 22 fatty acids (protein-bound)

Statistical Analysis

Basic statistical analysis included.

Platform Available



Pricing dependent on sample type, urgency, research collaboration, and the total number of samples (prices below based on n=1000)


Urine, Sweat: $40/sample
Plasma/Serum/Dried blood spot/Stool/Cecum: $80/sample
Advanced Data Analysis: $60/hour (advanced statistical analysis, bioinformatics, pathway analyses beyond standard report).

Industry: add 50% overhead

Urine, Sweat: $60/sample
Plasma/Serum/Dried blood spot/Stool/Cecum: $120/sample
Advanced Data Analysis: $90/hour (advanced statistical analyses, bioinformatics, pathway analyses beyond standard report).

Other specimen types or smaller studies: Please inquire.

Minimum Volume

  • Biofluid: 10-50 uL
  • Other samples: 5 mg dried mass
  • Can also work with samples < 5uL or < 5mg.