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TMIC is North America’s premiere single source destination providing fee-for-service metabolic profiling. We offer a broad range of custom metabolomics services to fill any need. If you want the fastest, most quantitative and comprehensive metabolomics facility on the continent, you’re at the right place.

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Metabolomics is an emerging field of "omics" research specializing in the near global analysis of small molecule metabolites found in living organisms. Its applications are already being seen in a broad range of disciplines including disease diagnostics, agriculture food and safety, and pharmaceutical R&D.

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Vital to metabolomics research is the ability to share it with the wider community. Since 2006, the Wishart lab at the University of Alberta has made its research publicly available, developing metabolomic databases, programs and web servers accessed by researchers and private sector partners worldwide.

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A Gift to Science


January 22, 2018

Lorna Shaw lost her entire family to cancer. To honour their legacy, she has decided to donate into research which furthers studies into disease prevention.

"I felt that this is the kind of research that needs to be done... I know from my experience working in research many years ago that it takes a long time for results to come to fruition, but I gave to research, not treatment, because that is where real, long-term change can occur." - Lorna Shaw

Lorna Shaw's gift to TMIC has opened new and exciting research opportunities. Her unrestricted donation has allowed our lab to purchase a QTRAP 5500 mass spectrometer which will further enhance our ability to conduct critical research. This addition will not only benefit the scientific community but will pave the way for better health-care through early detection and improved cure rates.

"Making data and ideas available for other scientists moves our whole field forward faster. With this tool, we’re helping patients and we’re changing lives for the better. We’re incredibly grateful for Lorna’s support." - David Wishart, TMIC Lead

Dr. Wishart was featured in an article during the University of Alberta's Changing Lives Week, a collection of donor-inspired stories which highlights how donors change lives. To read the entire article click here.

TMIC's Research Hotel is looking for guests!


January 12, 2018

TMIC is looking forward to welcoming talented visiting researchers from all over the world again this year. On April 1, TMIC will launch its first competition for a stay at its Research Hotel. Applications will be accepted from researchers seeking a chance to land one of the coveted spots at the Hotel.

TMIC’s Research Hotel has been gaining popularity since the program began in 2011. The hotel gives visiting scientists, students and postdoctoral fellows office and bench space at TMIC’s central facility at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. They conduct their own experiments, expand their knowledge of metabolomics, receive one-on-one mentoring, and share in-person in the TMIC experience.

Applicants will be chosen based on the proposal they submit. Keep an eye on our website as we will be posting the application form here soon.

To find out more about the Research Hotel click here.

Canada Foundation for Innovation awards TMIC millions in funding!


January 2, 2018

On January 9, 2017, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced an investment of $328 million in 17 national research facilities. The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC) received $6 million in funding through CFI's Major Science Initiatives (MSI) Fund thus ensuring its continued status as a cutting edge, world-class facility.

"This new funding will give TMIC the long-term stability it needs to make both Alberta and Canada a real leader in metabolomics research and development. will allow hundreds of scientists from across Canada to come train and conduct research at TMIC and to make metabolomics an integral part of their research program. It will also foster the growth of Canada’s emerging metabolomics industry, where made-in-Canada ideas and technologies can be used in precision medicine, precision farming, and environmental monitoring.” - David Wishart

With the support of CFI, the field of metabolomics research will continue to grow strong... and TMIC will be at the forefront of this exciting field of science.

Visit CFI's website for more information.

Looking for a job in the field of Metabolomics?


November 27, 2017

TMIC is currently recruiting postdoctoral scientists in the fields of analytical chemistry and bioinformatics. Information regarding each position can be found in the links below. The posts are available immediately and are open until filled.

Postdoc Position (Analytical Chemistry)

Postdoc Position (Bioinformatics)