Amino acid metabolism/urea cycle metabolism

Quantification of metabolites involved in amino acid metabolism/urea cycle especially those amino acids without free amino groups in their structures, in tissues, body fluids, and cells by UPLC-MRM/MS.

Quantitation of urea and HEPES in cell culture medium can also be included.


$400 (1st sample)
$120 for each additional sample (includes 2 UPLC-MRM/MS methods)

$800 (1st sample)
$240 for each additional sample (includes 2 UPLC-MRM/MS methods)

Minimum Volume

50 µL

NameHMDB IDClass
1-Methyl-L-histidineNot Available
3-BromotyrosineNot Available
3-ChlorotyrosineNot Available
3-Methyl-L-histidineHMDB00479 Not Available
3-NitrotyrosineNot Available
4-Hydroxyl-L-prolineNot Available
AgmatineNot Available
AsymmetricdimethylarginineNot Available
CadaverineNot Available
CystathionineHMDB00099 Not Available
Epinephrine (adrenaline)Not Available
L-AlanineHMDB00161 Not Available
L-ArginineHMDB00517 Not Available
L-AsparagineHMDB00168 Not Available
L-Aspartic acidHMDB00191 Not Available
L-CarnosineHMDB00033 Not Available
L-CitrullineHMDB00904 Not Available
L-CystineHMDB00192 Not Available
L-Glutamic acidHMDB00148 Not Available
L-GlutamineHMDB00641 Not Available
L-GlycineHMDB00123 Not Available
L-HistidineHMDB00177 Not Available
L-HomocitrullineHMDB00679 Not Available
L-HomocystineNot Available
L-IsoleucineHMDB00172 Not Available
L-LeucineHMDB00687 Not Available
L-LysineHMDB00182 Not Available
L-MethionineHMDB00696 Not Available
L-NorleucineHMDB01645 Not Available
L-NorvalineHMDB13716 Not Available
L-OrnithineHMDB00214 Not Available
L-PhenylalanineHMDB00159 Not Available
L-ProlineHMDB00162 Not Available
L-SerineHMDB00187 Not Available
L-ThreonineHMDB00167 Not Available
L-TryptophanHMDB00929 Not Available
L-TyrosineHMDB00158 Not Available
L-ValineHMDB00883 Not Available
L-α-Amino-n-butyric acidNot Available
MelatoninNot Available
N-methyl-4-hydroxyprolineNot Available
NorepinephrineHMDB00216 Not Available
PhenethylamineNot Available
SymmetricdimethylarginineNot Available
TyramineHMDB00306 Not Available
UreaHMDB00294 Not Available
γ-Amino-n-butyric acidNot Available
δ-HydroxylysineNot Available
DopamineHMDB00073 Biogenic amines
HistamineHMDB00870 Biogenic amines
PutrescineHMDB01414 Biogenic amines
SarcosineHMDB00271 Biogenic amines
SerotoninHMDB00259 Biogenic amines
SpermidineHMDB01257 Biogenic amines
SpermineHMDB01256 Biogenic amines
TaurineHMDB00251 Biogenic amines