Central carbon metabolism

Quantification of nucleotides, sugar phosphates, enzyme co-factors, TCA cycle intermediates, carboxylic acids and phosphocarboxylic acids involved in Central Carbon Metabolism (CCM) by UPLC-MRM/MS


$400 (1st sample)
$180 for each additional sample

$800 (1st sample)
$360 for each additional sample

Minimum Volume

400 µL

NameHMDB IDClass
3-P-glycerate/2-P-glycerateNot Available
6-PhosphogluconateNot Available
Acetyl-CoANot Available
Acetyl-PNot Available
ADP-glucoseNot Available
Citric acidHMDB00094 Not Available
Dihydroxyacetone-P (DHAP)Not Available
DL-α-OH-glutaric acidNot Available
Erythrose-4-PNot Available
Fructose-1,6-bisPNot Available
Fructose-1-PNot Available
Fructose-6-PNot Available
Fumaric acidHMDB00134 Not Available
Galactose-1-PNot Available
Galactose-6-PNot Available
GlucoseHMDB00122 Not Available
Glucose 1,6-bisPNot Available
Glucose-1-PNot Available
Glucose-6-PNot Available
Glyceraldehyde 3-PNot Available
Glycerol-3-PNot Available
Glycolic acidHMDB00115 Not Available
Isocitric acidHMDB00193 Not Available
Lactic acidHMDB00190 Not Available
Malic acidNot Available
Malonyl-CoANot Available
Mannose-1-PNot Available
Mannose-6-PNot Available
NAD+HMDB00902 Not Available
NADHHMDB01487 Not Available
NADP+HMDB00217 Not Available
NADPHHMDB00221 Not Available
OxaloacetateNot Available
Phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP)Not Available
Pyruvic acidHMDB00243 Not Available
Ribose-5-PNot Available
Ribulose-5PNot Available
Sedoheptulose-7PNot Available
Succinic acidHMDB00254 Not Available
Succinyl-CoANot Available
UDP-glucoseNot Available
Xylose-5-PNot Available
α-Ketoglutaric acidNot Available
ADPHMDB01341 Not Available
AMPHMDB14839 Not Available
ATPHMDB00538 Not Available
cAMPHMDB00058 Not Available
GDPHMDB01201 Not Available
GTPHMDB01273 Not Available
UDPNot Available