Meat Biomarkers

Identification & quantification of meat quality biomarkers (carnitine, histidine, acylcarnitines, taurine, TMAO, 1- and 3-methylhistidine) by LC-MS. Also available as a kit for purchase.



Industry: $108

Minimum Volume

200 µL

NameHMDB IDClass
L-CarnitineHMDB00062 Not Available
L-HistidineHMDB00177 Not Available
O-AcetylcarnitineHMDB00201 Not Available
Trimethylamine N-oxideHMDB00925 Not Available
π-MethylhistidineHMDB00001 Not Available
τ-MethylhistidineHMDB00479 Not Available
TaurineHMDB00251 Biogenic amines