Sterols/oxysterols analysis

Quantification of cholesterol, hydroxyl cholesterols, cortisol and its metabolites (e.g., 6β-OH cortisol) by UPLC-MRM/MS.


$400 (1st sample)
$120 for each additional sample

$800 (1st sample)
$240 for each additional sample

Minimum Volume

200 µL

NameHMDB IDClass
17-OH cholesterolNot Available
24-OH cholesterolHMDB01419 Not Available
6β-OH corticolNot Available
7-OH cholesterolHMDB06119 Not Available
CholesterolHMDB00067 Not Available
CorticosteroneHMDB01547 Not Available
CortisolHMDB00063 Not Available
17-OH progesteroneNot Available