Identification and quantitation of cardiolipins

UPLC-(FT)MS/MS identification and UPLC-FTMS quantitation of all cardiolipin compounds in given cell, tissue, CSF and blood samples.


$400 (1st sample)
$120 for 2 UPLC-MS runs per sample

$800 (1st sample)
$240 for 2 UPLC MS runs per sample

Minimum Volume

100 µL

NameHMDB IDClass
CL(54:6)Not Available
CL(68:2)Not Available
CL(68:3)Not Available
CL(68:4)Not Available
CL(68:5)Not Available
CL(68:6)Not Available
CL(68:7)Not Available
CL(70:4)Not Available
CL(70:5)Not Available
CL(70:6)Not Available
CL(70:7)Not Available
CL(70:8)Not Available
CL(72:7)Not Available
CL(72:8)Not Available
CL(72:9)Not Available
CL(74:10)Not Available
CL(74:8)Not Available
CL(74:9)Not Available
CL(76:10)Not Available
CL(76:11)Not Available
CL(76:12)Not Available
CL(78:11)Not Available
CL(78:12)Not Available
CL(78:13)Not Available
CL(78:14)Not Available
CL(80:14)Not Available
CL(80:15)Not Available
CL(80:16)Not Available